To understand each other and work together quickly and conveniently, it is essential to understand and understand each other's processes and ways of working with the staff and the public. company, especially for the outsourcing companies, technology designers today like our Big Brothers company. 

In the process of working with customers, we offer ways and routes to work between Big Brothers and customers so that the most convenient way between the two parties is to develop a suitable plan and roadmap. most with the characteristics of each customer. 

Workflow is divided into the following stages: 

 These are the working procedures of a Big Brothers company. In theory, in fact, in order to closely monitor the above steps, please contact us directly to be able to discuss and understand more about the method and how to work in a way most specific. 

Big Brothers CP Company (BBC) we are a specialized unit of processing and designing App in Ho Chi Minh City area as well as nationwide for most business fields. Our BBC is a place where a team of excellent programmers are gathered and many years of experience in APP design as well as BBC is always the leading and innovating unit in the design and creation of Big Brothers Joint Stock Company. We always bring the difference to customers. 

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