Basic features of professional business website 

Creating a professional website is one of the activities that contribute to making your company better and keeping a perfect position in your target market. Having a website is not only your company's resources, your professional website must be a useful tool to stimulate sales, raise awareness and build relationships with your users. Below is our guide to look at some of the most important features that a business website must comply with. I bet this will be your lucky ticket to succeed! 

DESIGN A professional website will always come with a great design. The first thing that impresses most users for your website is an impressive, unique, easy-to-find design. Information and convenient user navigation capabilities. With a lot of owners to design and the current design style, the designers must be sophisticated and profound to choose for themselves a design with the style of the business and must create a highlight of the customer. Websites are not only different in color and user experience, they will also be different when it comes to icons and great icons icons will be ensured that thousands of existing words can be replaced with image. 

ICONOGRAPHY Today web design is increasingly refined and reduced. Long words and words will be replaced by a series of simple and concise symbols. Great iconic websites can replace the whole piece of content and make sure that your site is simpler, making it easier for users to feel exposed. 

RESPONSIVENESS: Responsive Web is a website design style that makes it suitable on all devices, all screen resolutions. A beautiful website on your computer but when viewed on a messy phone layout, images, unbalanced articles, it cannot be called Responsive Web Can say Responsive Web Design will make the website run well on all mobile devices , increase compatibility for your website, create reliability and professionalism with customers. 

ANIMATIONS More and more websites display content in the form of animations instead of words and use voice and annotation to perform tasks that traditional text often uses. Animation is known as the art of animated images in advertising programs, cartoons, electronic games ... - that is the art of making images appear and move vividly on the screen. image, based on a specific story, content. 

NAVIGATION You have a very nice website about colors, images, structures but no one can find it. This is probably the biggest problem with all business websites. We cannot deny the importance of navigation menus in a website, according to the importance rankings in a google website, the content in the menu bar is always evaluated to be of the greatest importance, the order of reduction. gradually by rank, like level 1, level 2, level 3 menus. Categories at level 1 are the most important. Besides, we can see that the function of navigation in a website is very important not only for search engines but also for users, when it is necessary to find the right information in a category. there. Users will easily search faster. 

BREADCRUMBS When customers are visiting your site they are easily lost. Breadcrumbs help users navigate to the page they come from, ensuring that the site's continuity and traffic is maintained at a glance. Breadcrumbs are an important part of SEO and make a small contribution to promoting website growth. It not only helps visitors know where they are on the website but also helps Google quickly understand the website structure. That's why Breadcrumbs are so important in every website. 

FOOTER Footer website is the bottom part of the website, which is the end of a website. The footer design shows the personality style of the business is also one of the unique creative ways to attract customers. Having fixed titles and footers throughout the site ensures consistency, providing users with a way to access the page they want from wherever they are on a website. 

CALL TO ACTION BUTTONS Call to Action, also known as CTA, is a way you attract users, Blog / Web / Social media readers, attracting their attention, encouraging them to participate in the next action All to Action can be easily understood as a solicitation for readers to interact with you, often with inviting words such as "Order today", "Visit now. ", Read now", "Call now", "Visit us today", ... 

SEARCH BOXES The Search Box is a combination of fied input and the submit button has only two simple components. However, this is quite a misconception, on websites

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